Wildlife Management Resources

The following resources may be helpful in learning more about, buying resources for, or purchasing services relating to humane wildlife management.

N.B.: We have done our best to check the suitability of these links but a listing here should not be considered an endorsement

foxolutions.co.uk – sells products to assist with fox deterrence

foxproject.org.uk – charity offering advice about humane fox deterrence

nfws.org.uk – charity offering advice about humane fox deterrence

fox-a-gon.co.uk – a humane deterrence service for individuals, companies and organisations, particularly in London and the south east

humanewildlifesolutions.co.uk – award winning company offering a non-lethal alternative to pest control all across Europe

thefoxwebsite.net – science led site produced by Bristol University with a wealth of information about foxes and their behaviour

pestprooflondon.co.uk – a proofing company operating across South East England stopping the entry of rodents into properties without using poison or traps. They have a NO HARM policy and are the only pest control company endorsed by PETA.

Updated on May 28, 2024