£1 for Wildlife

Can you spare £1 for Wildlife?

Each year, about 300,000 people come to our site looking for help with wildlife. Both we, and the wildlife rescues we list in our directory, rely entirely on donations to assist those people and the animals they find.

Imagine if each visitor donated £1. That would enable SO many animals to get the help they need.

We are proud that our website helps so many people to find help from a wildlife rescue. But we’re also conscious that this puts enormous pressure on rescues who are all overwhelmed and reliant on donations to continue.

Our £1 for Wildlife campaign aims to raise funds to support the work of UK wildlife rescues. Each month we will choose an eligible* UK wildlife rescue to pass the donations on to. Mostly, we will choose a rescue at random but we may also make some targeted contributions where a rescue needs particular support. If you’ve found our site helpful, you can also choose, if you wish, to donate to support our work as well.

NB: If you’re looking to support a specific wildlife rescue, perhaps because they helped you with an animal you found, please donate to them directly.

You can use our PayPal button to quickly donate £1 to support the work of UK wildlife rescues. Please use the other options below if you wish to also support the work of HelpWildlife, add Gift Aid, or donate more than £1.

This page has recently been rebuilt. If you experience any technical issues please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Thank you for your support

*to be eligible to receive a donation through this campaign a rescue needs to

  • be listed on one of the public tiers of our directory

  • have claimed their listing

  • have renewed or updated their listing in the last year