Can you spare £1 for Wildlife?

Each year, about 300,000 people come to our site looking for help with wildlife. Both we, and the wildlife rescues we list in our directory, rely entirely on donations to assist those people and the animals they find.

Imagine if each visitor donated £1. That would enable SO many animals to get the help they need.

This form enables you to donate £1 (or more if you choose), either as a one off or a regular monthly amount, and choose whether it funds our work or is passed to wildlife rescue.

If you designate your donation to be passed to a wildlife rescue, we will use it to support one of the rescues with a claimed listing in our public directory. Mostly, we will choose a rescue at random but we may also make some targeted contributions where a rescue needs particular support. If you’re looking to support a specific wildlife rescue, perhaps because they helped you with an animal you found, please donate to them directly.

If you designate your donation to HelpWildlife.co.uk, this will enable us to keep providing a directory of wildlife rescues, a library of more than 60 advice articles, and our unique email HelpDesk offering bespoke wildlife advice.

Anything over and above our costs in providing these services will be used to fund the transport of animals to rescue by taxi or animal ambulance when the finder has exhausted other options. If there’s still money left over, we’ll pass it to wildlife rescues in need of support as above.


We collect donations via Donorbox because they will allow you to Gift Aid your donation and collect all the necessary information for us. They do charge a small fee but the form includes an option for you to cover that for us if you wish.

Thank you for your support