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No hello,animal emergency,no way of contacting you by either phone or email

Good evening. Our resident fox has mange and having searched online for a remedy, I sceptically requested a bottle of homeopathic solution. After approx 2 weeks of lemon curd sandwiches, there is a significant improvement and he seems more lively. Many thanks for your recommendations. Regards from me and him!

I’ve still no idea what to do about the injured pigeon in my conservatory. You sent me to the local RSPCA, they advised me to ring the national helpline, they advised me to come back here… the poor thing will be dead before someone tells me what to do with it

How can I complain about a rescue you have listed. ?

I emailed last week to ask to be removed from the listings. As yet no one has responded and I am still on the list.
Please advise ?

Tess Merry
The Nutkin Ward

such an excellent service ran by volunteers to help wildlife. I initially used the site a few years ago for an injured bird and was directed to a community hero who was incredible and such a great contact for future rescues too, and have used again since then recently for a hedgehog. Always really quick replies and the people writing are always genuinely concerned and follow up with you too which is brilliant. the website is full of useful information as well. There needs to be more resources like this. For all the people in the comments below getting annoyed… Read more »

Impossible to get hold of an email address/phone number to ask for help

Appreciate that this is run by volunteers, but how to I actually ask for help?????

How do I get in contact? Pressed the red link, took me to another page that said the helpdesk was available, and then nothing!!!

Thank you for contacting me. Sadly I could not find the babies when I returned to where the deceased mother was armed with cat carrier. I appreciate what you do, and although I cannot volunteer myself due to current work commitments, I have left a monthly donation to help in just a small way. Lovely to know that kind souls are looking out for our wildlife in need.

No help at all. I found it impossible to get anyone to speak to.

Thank you for the volunteering help given to the rescued bird . This volunteering team were amazing and so kind.
I hope that they are given support always so this rescues so can continue in the future .

Good resource, I was surprised at the number of rescues

Great advice and suggestions on how to do something productive to try to save a fox family living under a school from being killed by pest control unnecessarily when there are groups that will remove them safely and relocate .Websites and address given also names of groups that can help locally. Thank you very much for all the info . 6 foxes will be safe now.

Thankyou for helping me find someone to take in an injured pigeon. I managed to find someone in stanground to take the pigeon .

Looked up care and advice for a stunned wild bird, really helpful and easy to navigate. Thank you

Thank you to Sarah who was very helpful although we couldn’t help the Wrens

can you tell me if Helpwildlife or Starlight Trust are registered with the charities commission? I cant find either of them on the register.

Clear advice on the website and quick help when I made contact which meant I was able to get the help needed for an injured bird. Such a relief. Thank you.

Thank you for the prompt reply it was helpful and the medication ordered

What wonderful people you are . Found an injured squirrel and no one wanted to help . Vets or the RSPCA … said it was vermin . A tiny little animal caught in barbed wire for who knows how long … how cruel . It was so poorly I even offered to pay the vets and still no help or advice . You were the only ones who showed compassion and advice . Thank you so much . The poor little thing has just died 🥲

i appreciate your help . Thank you

Extremely fast response with good helpful information, thank you.

I already knew about the wildlife rescues in your directory but was delighted to see them included. What a brilliant service 👏

So supportive and kind, offering caring human contact and, above all, practical advice.

Thank you so much for your quick response. Your advice very much appreciated.
Thank you again
Gay Youens

Great advice and very quickly received thanks a lot Sarah

Excellent advice and quick reply well worth a donation

Thank you for your quick and very helpful advice and recommendations, it made such a difference and I quickly found the rescue who took care of a very sick fox who was unable to walk. Thank you for being there!

Thanks for a reassuring advice. It really put my mind at ease.

A big thank you for giving us the necessary advice on the injured pigeon we found, it made it so much less stressful not knowing where to turn for advice on it’s care and treatment. We have now found a rescue centre recommended by you to take it in and hopefully nurse back to fitness.

Thank you so much for your brilliant and helpful website as it was easy to follow when I didn’t know what to do for the injured bird.your website is easy to follow and I am so grateful.i can’t bear thinking about this poor bird in the rain so I am grateful to be getting some advice by email.Thank you so much

very helpful and caring service thank you.

Huge thanks to Sarah A for her prompt help with the injured racing pigeon we found and brought home. Sarah replied to my email within 15 minutes, tried to find a half-way house close to me for that evening and offered to take the bird herself when that wasn’t an option. I handed Prudence over this morning (yep, 2 nights was long enough for her to gain a name). I’m very happy she’ll be well looked after before her journey to a bird sanctuary. A brilliant service run by compassionate volunteers.

I couldn’t thank you enough for your prompt reply to my request this morning. Sarah was very kind and helpful throughout. Amazing service! Well worth the donation.

Excellent advise Thankyou.

Thank you Sarah for all your help this morning. This is a great service for helping animals.

Thanks so much for the helpful advice on how to care for the injured bird until I could get it to a rescue, and for the useful links to other nearby rescues as well.

Put me in touch with Bird aid who helped this pm. RSPCA couldn’t come out until tomorrow and likely a fox may have eaten seagull or cat may have bothered it

Brilliant help and advice. Responded straight away to my email. The baby pigeon has now flown back to a parent. Thanks again, great charity, well worth the donation.

I’m no ‘bleeding heart’, but I’m of the opinion that no living thing needing help is automatically beyond any care I could provide. My daughter and granddaughter found a grey squirrel injured – although no obvious injury – in our road today and I have it in a box wrapped in a towel right now… I know what we SHOULD do with them, but I couldn’t do that easily with any living thing that I couldn’t otherwise help with (even) palliative care. After spending quite a while looking for similar care in the community, thank you so much ‘’ for… Read more »

I too found an injured squirrel amd no one wanted to help . Rang the RSPCA and they said the vets but they didn’t want to know . Saying it was vermin . How cruel , no bigger vermin than some humans ! Poor Liitle thing died , but this amazing charity tried to help

Thank you for your advice. Goldfinch has now recovered and flown away. 🙂

Thank you so very very much for the the really useful information and encouragement you gave me. I was feeling really helpless about this little baby seagull and you reassured me that I have being doing the right thing and what to continue doing.

thank you muchly Billie

Thank you so much Sarah for the help you gave us with the lovely wood pigeon that couldn’t fly 🐦 The service you provide is excellent. We know we can contact you for brilliant advice and support if we ever need to help sick or injured wildlife again. It’s great to know that there are kind people like you always ready to help. We’re very grateful.

Thank you so much for your help with finding a way to help an injured baby pigeon that I found. Without your help, I couldn’t find the right places to call.
I also thanks for following up with the process whole day!
You are doing a great job!!

Thank you so much for your help on a Sunday with a baby hedgehog that we had found. Without your help and the rescue lady who took him in he wouldn’t have survive. You do a wonderful job.

Website is not user friendly. Have been trying to find a way to notify you of an injured bird but have been sent round in circles by links and the “contact us” page has no numbers or email addresses!

I rescued a small hedgehog from my garden, and took it to someone in Penistone who claims to be involved in Hedgehog rescue. I tried contacting her first thing this morning to arrange taking the poor little creature to her home: I got no reply so rather than keep it in a cardboard box for who knows how long, I drove to Penistone with the Hedgehog and her father took it from me. Later on the lady contacted me complainiing that I had delivered the Hedgehog. There is nowhere else around my area that can accommodate wild creatures, so what… Read more »

Great helpful informative advice. Thankyou.

Unfortunately, the dove died before I could get it help. Thank you for the contacts. You asked for a photo but it would have been helpful if you had an email address.
In this instance, the dove was probably beyond help but I feel I wasted a lot of time trying to get help and then having to fill in email and personal details before you were able to contact me. A telephone number would have been quicker.
Thank you anyway.
D. Woosey.

Quick response within 20mins about an abandoned blue tit nest. Advised what to do overnight and gave support with rescue contacts. Was nice to have support when all other phone lines of rescues were not answering. Thank you

Very fast reply and excellent advice on what to do about birds in the roof.

Thank you Help Wildlife for your very prompt response, advice and support when we found a nesting blackbird with a large tick on its neck. All is well now with the bird actively feeding three chicks. The tick appears to have detached.