These are some advice leaflets and posters we have produced. Click on them to see a full size version. Please feel free to share on social media, download and display in vets, pets shops etc to spread the word.

Should I Help?

This poster is a general introduction to what we do. A great one for vets and pets shops. 

What to Do

This poster summarises what to do if you find a wildlife casualty so is an important one to share.

Cat Attacks

Any animal caught by a cat or dog must be checked by a wildlife rescue. Releasing them without treatment could lead to a slow death.

Casualty Collection

We urge casualty finders not to expect wildlife rescues to pick up small animals from them. This poster explains why and suggests alternative ways to get animals to rescue.

Autumn Juvenile Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs need sufficient fat reserves in order to survive hibernation. This poster explains how to help them.

Catching a flighted bird

It's frustrating when birds are injured or sick but still able to fly. This poster details a method of trapping them which may help.


Fireworks have a major negative impact on our wildlife. This poster explains how to help mitigate the effects.

Why Won't They Help?

This poster we use to remind people that wildlife rescuers are only human and can only do so much!


We get lots of enquiries about tatty looking birds. This poster reassures folks that they're likely just moulting.

Got Mice?

This poster summarises how to approach an unwanted mouse situation.

'Humane' traps

This poster warns that humane traps may not be so humane if the occupants are taken away from their territory.